Besom - Protection Witches Broom (Custom)

Besom - Protection Witches Broom (Custom)
#Custom-Broom Besom - Protection Witches Broom (Custom)
These beautiful handmade one of a kind Witch Brooms are to hang over your front door or to stand beside it to protect your home.  This Besom wards off evil, keeps your home protected and magically is Good-Luck!

Send me your colors, names to go on the broom and I will make one personally just for you!  Glass beads, talismans, amulets, charms, mirrors, crystals and beads drench your broom to make it a beautiful work of Art as well as a good luck charm.

Eye hooks to hang, broom is wooden, 39" long, I can personalize them in any way you would like.    Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery, If you need them for Christmas order now, remeber this is a handmade item!
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